Customs Tours, Commissioned Group Tours and Itinerary Creation

Don't see what you want in our tour offerings?
Want to travel with us as a single vehicle behind our leader on a commissioned individual or group tour?
Want us to design your trip for you and provide you the itinerary and trip plan?
We can do all of that


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If you would like us to plan your independent tour for you or your group, we can do that. We'll provide you with an itinerary, trip plan, meal planning information, information on what to carry and pretty much anything else you would like to know. Just contact us and we'll provide a quote. 

If you want to have us lead a tour for just you or your select group, we're very experienced at doing that. We can even arrange for you to hire vehicles if you don't have a suitable vehicle. We are more than happy to provide single vehicle tag-along tours but they can be quite expensive, so maybe consider inviting some friends.


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